Services & Rates

Services & Rates

This page is your guide to making your dreams a reality in whatever facet that may be. We can do it all for you: editing, mixing, mastering, recording, and even just figuring out what you want your song to be. Browse around and let’s talk! Also, email us to see what specials and discounts we are currently running.




Wayfare will walk with you from start to finish to create an outstanding podcast.

This process includes:
Recording, Vocal Performance, Editing, Mixing, Mastering/Normalizing, Metadata Management, ID3 Tagging and Publishing.

You can choose any or all portions of this service.

*Flat rates are optional at $100 per project with 2 free revisions.
*Additional charges may be added to:

  • raw files that are longer than 45 mins on flat rate
  • projects that consist of 4 raw audio tracks
  • Revision requests exceeding 2 will be charge $5 per revision

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Wayfare will work with you from start to finish to develop your songs into a complete end product that will be ready for an album, EP, or iTunes. Our studio is equipped to accomplish this, so come on in and we can record, edit, mix and master it together.

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A La Carte:

Tracking & STUDIO TIME

Price Varies

If all you need is time and space to write, brainstorm, jam, and just figure things out, this is the place. Come on in and jam for the day, lay down sample tracks, play video games, eat pizza, and repeat.



Once you have your recorded tracks, shoot them our way and we will do the copying, cutting, pasting, correcting—whatever needs to be done so the files are set up and ready for mixing.

* Additional Charges

  • Drum Editing (+$20 every 5 tracks)
  • Vocal Editing (+ $20/vocal track)



Sometimes you have the essentials, but you just don’t know how to blend it all together. This is where Wayfare comes in. You provide the tracks and we will do the dirty work of putting it all together into a master-ready song.

*Additional charges may be added to:

  • Songs that are longer than 5:30 minutes
  • Songs that consist of more than 40 tracks



Mastering is the final step that takes your song from a garage mix to a studio-professional track. It can be a bear to tackle on your own—but that’s where Wayfare comes in. We will take your song and master it so it is ready to be heard.

*If you would like a project both mixed and mastered, I’ll give you 30% off the mastering price.

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*Refer a friend and get $5 per hour off or 20% off your final invoice price.