Wayfare Recording Company


The Best Equipment for The Best Sound.

The Studio

A quality studio is the key to a quality recording. A good work space creates great inspiration, and great inspiration creates amazing results. Wayfare Recording Company is derived from simplicity to the core; we want to make production simple. So when you see the studio, it’s zero clutter and all vibe. From our comfortable seating to our calming lights, we’ve done something wonderful here.

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[I] had a blast recording at Wayfare. Jon has a great ear and creates a relaxing environment so you can take your time in recording your best work.
— Brian Young (Music Production)


Wayfare keeps recording as simple as possible. We go for quality recording with little hassle. This means we have the best microphones you could get with the least set-up. The microphone we typically use for vocals and voiceover is the AT2020. Why don’t we use a ribbon microphone or a dynamic microphone? That is because we want our recordings to be flexible. If you want it to be done in a different room for a different style of recording, all it takes is unplugging the microphone, moving it to a different room and plugging it back in with no worries. For everything else you need to record, we use the Shure SM57. This microphone is a powerful dynamic microphone and is well respected in the industry. There are stories of this microphone being the only thing used to record artists like Bob Dylan for an entire album. If they can do it, we can too.


Focusrite Saffire PRO 26
18x8 FireWire-to-USB-C Audio Interface with Four Preamps, Phantom Power, 8-ch ADAT Input, 2-ch S/PDIF Input, and Onboard DSP Mixing and Routing.

Microphone of Choice:

Audio-Technica AT2020
Medium-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone.
Simple and clear.


Mixing & Mastering

For our recording, mixing and mastering session, we want to give you options and we want those to be the best. Our music production is typically done through Logic Pro X while our podcast production is done through Pro Tools 12. We offer these two types of software because we believe that both forms of software, with their respective assignment, can give both ease of use as well as a variety of options. Logic Pro X gives a great variety of unique and quality sounds with virtually unlimited possibilities; built-in pedals, every type of amp, and even constructing your own drummer - it all right there and in-the-box. Pro Tools 12 is the standard in audio production and is one of the quickest ways to get the job done. Quality plug-ins and fast turn over time is desired from anyone who wants their work done right, and it is right here.

Digital Audio Workstations (DAW):

Pro Tools 12
Recording, Mixing, and Mastering
Podcast Production

Logic Pro X
Music Production


[Wayfare Recording Co.] was super helpful and great to work with. He was prompt with communications, kept to deadlines and just made things super simple...
— David W. of Modern Camper Magazine (Podcast Production)


Transparency is what you want in monitors. You want to be able to make sure you are boosting the right frequencies and cutting the stuff out that just make you cringe. Thankfully, we have the speakers that do just that. KRK speakers are seen around the world in almost every studio for any and most applications in the audio industry. In our studio, we use them for everything.

Reference Monitors:

KRK Rokit 6
6” Bi-amplified Near-field Studio Monitor with Kevlar/Aramid Woofer, Soft-dome Tweeter, and High- and Low-frequency Controls.


Audio engineering is a daunting task and you need a lot of power to keep your work flow alive. Believe us when we say we have the power to do just that. Our MacBook Pro has the most power you could possibly get in this current line of MacBooks. Check out our specs below and just try to tell us it is not amazing. It has the most RAM you could ask for, the biggest screen available for a laptop on this line, and 1TB of Solid State. This is to make sure our work flow is steady and consistent.

MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018):

  • Processor: 2.2 GHz Intel i7

  • Memory: 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4

  • Graphic: Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

  • Start Up Disk Macintosh HD