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Jon Keur

Audio Engineer of Wayfare Recording Company

Creating and fine-tuning quality podcasts and music for over a decade

Wayfare Recording Company is based out of South Bend, Indiana and run by Jon Keur. For almost 10 years, Jon has been deep in the audio space working alongside up-and-coming podcasters, songwriters, and artists.

After studying audio production at Cedarville University (Cedarville, OH), Jon had the opportunity to learn directly from music industry professionals at The Contemporary Music Center in Nashville. Jon established Wayfare Recording Company and enhanced his skills over his five years in Nashville, and now resides in South Bend, Indiana where he continues to help push the city forward through creativity and innovation.

In addition to technical skills, Jon has demonstrated exceptional work ethic, communication, and organization. Outside of the world of music, Jon enjoys collecting vinyl records and is also an avid coffee lover who enjoys experimenting with various blends and brewing techniques.




240 E Tutt St.
South Bend, IN 46601


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What We Offer


This is one of Wayfare Recording Company’s biggest audio services. We can provide you services in all facets of producing your podcast. We can record in-house, content edit, master and even simply consult to get you started on creating your podcast. We work locally or internationally. Be sure to check out our start-up guide, too!

Studio Rental

If you just simply need a recording studio for any reason, whether that is recording your podcast or music, let us know! We have the gear and the space to do so.


From recording to mixing to mastering and everything in-between, Wayfare Recording Company loves music and loves the process in making music. We serve all genres of music and are really excited to work with you on your next demo, EP, or even full-length album.

Podcast Start-Up guide

Starting a podcast can seem like a daunting task, but Wayfare Recording Company has a great resource to help you out! Our Start-Up Guide has everything you need to help you start your podcast within just a day. This resource helps you know what questions to ask during the process, find the best hosting website for your needs, and any basic information so you feel prepared to get started!


Just like the Podcast Start-Up Guide, Wayfare can provide you everything you need to jump start your audio endeavors. But unlike the guide, we can help you out with anything like doing first-hand research based on your specific needs. We can also volley back and forth ideas, and break down the calendar you need if you just need due dates and timelines. This is all to help you move forward with your music, podcast, and any other audio-specific projects.

We can’t thank you enough for all of the support with our podcast launch. [We] have really enjoyed working with you and found you to be a tremendous resource. Thank you, Jon!
— Katie J. of Senior1Care


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